5. 6. 2015



The magnificent world exposition EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy, opened its gates this year on 1st May and will continue till 31st October. The civic association PROTEBE live is honored that the curator of the Karlovarsky region exposition chose to present the project of coffee/tea service set called JOINT, created by graphic designer Jiri Hanek and porcelain designer Viktor Chalepa. JOINT came out of a joint project within which the authors treated, among others, the issue of drinking water as a natural resource of our planet. They decorated the porcelain set by inscriptions reminding us of the situation in some developing countries, where people do not have access to drinking water. On the cups and saucers, there are inscriptions „Over 1,000,000,000 people still cannot access clean drinking water“ and „More than 3,000,000 people die every day from diseases caused by unsafe water“. According to the authors, design should inspire the courage to discover innovative solutions of social problems and to look for a careful way of use of natural resources. That is how they understand the term “social design”, represented this time by JOINT. „This project is prepared for a fundraising campaign that should help to transform financial resources of the rich part of the planet into a vitally important resource – drinking water, needed by others in another part of the world. From the sale of this product, we want to contribute to financing of sources of drinking water. We are open to develop partnerships with both porcelain factories and humanitarian organizations responsible for efficient and transparent use of financial resources," says Jiri Hanek, graphic designer, design activist and co-founder of PROTEBE live. This year’s exposition motto is: „Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life“. The EXPO chose as its aim to look for answers to questions about how to ensure sufficient quality sources of food and water for all the inhabitants of our planet. 145 countries take part in the exposition, including the Czech Republic. Individual regions will have the opportunity to represent our republic through their own expositions. The Karlovarsky region will present itself from 1st to 15th June and will introduce the best things it can offer – spas, tourism, mineral water, liqueurs, glass, porcelain, but also regional food. The main idea of the Karlovarsky region presentation is water – „aqua“, closely related to the history and the present of the region. The civic association PROTEBE live considers its active participation at the world exposition EXPO 2015 as another important step towards the fulfillment of its long-term strategy „to live in a living city” and to represent Karlovy Vary. Every year of this international exposition attracts great interest all over the world and all participating countries understand their participation as very prestigious. As well as visitors of the exposition, you can now drink your coffee or tea from JOINT in the SUPERMARKET WC Gallery or you can buy JOINT and have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite drink anytime you want.


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