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The Supermarket wc Gallery

SUPERMARKET wc is a design gallery that was created by a reconstruction of public toilets and left-luggage in the centre of Karlovy Vary. On a surface limited to only 43 m2, the gallery offers a café with Wi-Fi connection, a WC, a design shop and the opportunity to create one’s own product or to take part in a workshop or a lecture. A subway right next to the gallery is a non traditional exhibition area that directly communicates with people going through it, as well as the café’s front garden. An original building is a barrier-free space for many activities.

The exhibition programme

Each year, we organize 4 exhibition cycles aimed at design. Each one includes an exhibition, workshops and lectures.

Young and new – An opportunity for students and a chance for organizations

The aim of this project is to show to wide public the examples of good cooperation between students and organizations in the area of design and design-driven innovations. A second part are the results of the internet competition Don’t be bored, show yourself! (Nenuď se, ukaž se!). This internet competition helps people of different ages to participate in the public and community life of the city and its surroundings.

Design for all

Exhibitions of easily used design friendly to everyone that takes into account the topics of social and ecological design and/or the needs of disadvantaged groups such as elderly or disabled people.

Design and life

We introduce Czech companies that enforced their market position through their cooperation with professional designers and whose design products become a part of everyday life.

Young package

We present the results of the competition Young Package that gained international reputation and remarkable position among competitions for young designers. Every year several hundreds of participants from tens of countries take part in it. The project is realized in cooperation with CZECHDESIGN.

Workshops for every day!

Let us invite you to design workshops to the SUPERMARKET wc Gallery. Every working day from 13:00 to 18:00 you can create T-shirts, bags, paper pads, magnetic or normal badges. Prices from CZK 10,-. Cheer your friends, family or yourself.

Hooray on design! are regular creative workshops for children with parents or grandparents where they can try to design and work with different materials and techniques.

Be your own designer is complete regular course of home design for public, in other words, how to furnish your home with humour, elegance and with respect to your wallet.

Down throw away old chairs or lamps, give them a new coat instead! For adult fans who like creating we have prepared inspiring and creative workshops. You will learn how to recycle your old furniture so that it looks new and original and much more.

The shop – Everything that is cool!

SUPERMARKET wc is also the first design shop in Karlovy Vary and it offers porcelain, accessories, clothes, jewellery, books, diaries, posters and other products from Czech designers – that is everything that makes the buyer shiver from joy. Come and make yourself happy or get a great present. Gifts at prices as low as the fee for toilet!

Christmas pelmel

Every year at Christmas time, we prepare for you a selling exhibition of design gifts even for a few bucks. In our shop you can buy all Christmas presents at one place in a quiet atmosphere without stress! You can entertain yourself in non traditional Christmas workshops, with a wider range of gifts, a second hand shop and refreshments including hot wine and punch for children and Christmas carols of course. The selling exhibition attracts a large interest and makes people visit us who have never visited us before. The profit from the sale is used to support further development of our gallery.

The café – exhibitions while you are sitting!

Have a drink in an artistic, calm environment of our gallery and refresh yourself by a tour of the current exhibition as you drink. Or have a coffee in front of the gallery and enjoy the permanent flow of people going from the nearby railway station to the equally close city centre and back.

WC - as you don´t know it!

In 2008, the association PROTEBE live built the design gallery SUPERMARKET wc from a deteriorated building of public toilets and left-luggage. This gallery has the most original and most cosy public toilet in the entire spa city. There is also a permanent collection of photographs of toilets from all over the world. If you want to contribute to our collection, send us a photo of your favourite toilet at

Contact - where you can meet us!

The SUPERMARKET wc Gallery

1, Republic Square, 360 01 Karlovy Vary (the subway between the Becher House and the Lower Rail Station - Dolní nádraží)

Open daily from 13:00 to 18:00 (closed on Saturdays and Sundays)

tel.: +420 774 232 048, 774 232 047


facebook: SUPERMARKET wc